Rogue Facebook Ads…

Are you all of a sudden seeing banner ads all over your timeline and news feed?  If so you are probably the victim of adware – third party apps that you unintentionally granted access to your Facebook page.   But don’t panic, most people are not aware that their permission was given until they are overrun with these annoying ads.  To remove it, review the add-ons or toolbars that you’ve enabled for your internet browser and disable any plugin that promises special browsing abilities.   If you use more than one internet browser you’ll need to disable each one separately.   Here’s how to disable these extensions:

♦ Chrome:

Click on the wrench, hover over “Tools”, select “Extensions”, and click on the extension’s check box to un-check it.

♦ Safari:

Click on the gear, select “Preferences”, in the “Preferences” window’s menu-bar click on “Extensions” and click on the extension’s check box to un-check it.

♦ Fire Fox:

On the up left corner click on “FireFox” menu, select “Add-ons”, in the “Add-ons” window on the left sidebar click on “Extensions” and click on the “Disable” button for any extension you’d like.

♦ Internet Explorer:

Click on “Tools” select “Manage Add-ons”, In “Manage Add-ons” window under the right column (“Add-on Types”) Click on “Toolbars and Extensions”, then in the left column, look for the extension, click on it and then in bottom of the window a “Disable button will appear – click on it.

For more information and to get a list of adware offenders go to Facebook’s help section:

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