Don’t spam your LinkedIn groups…..there is a better way!

Joining LinkedIn groups in your industry is a great way to build your reputation, learn what’s new in your industry and to meet valuable contacts.  Successful networking in the group is a pretty basic formula – share your knowledge, engage in conversation, ask questions, and offer help if needed.    Pretty simple right?

Then why do so many people join groups only to self-promote?   They boast about their newest product seemingly copied direct from a corporate marketing brochure.  These types of posts are not helpful and will not endear you to your fellow group members; know that your peers feel the same way about these posts as they do about receiving spam in their email accounts – quickly deleted.

A successful post offers information that other members in the group will find useful, or it asks for input about a problem you are trying to solve; it may even be a poll of members around an issue that you are trying to better understand.

Here’s an example:

A recent post in one of my LinkedIn Groups stated

A company that offers account receivable services posted “……….At ________, we are able to scale our operations to accommodate our Clients’ needs to allocate delivery resources and process acumen across our multiple operations. This structure enables us to offer very competitive rates on our delivery costs, …….”    This post went on and on promoting the company without giving any actionable information or suggestions.

A better post would have given group members some knowledge on how to set up a system to manage a customer’s credit worthiness or would have shared tips that members could successfully use in collecting payments.   It might have ended with a question that would encourage a conversation.  By sharing information and becoming known in your group as a respected contributor you’ll get the recognition you deserve.  Posting an advertorial will not only annoy your peers but could get you banned from the group!

So next time you’re getting ready to push the publish button stop and think.   Is this post offering any information that will help someone understand a problem better, does it offer a solution or a new perspective, does it ask for input from the group to help you solve a problem?   If not, delete and start over.

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