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I ran across this short but informative article written by Mickie Kennedy on Ragan -

3 phrases to omit from your next conversation with a journalist

Drop one of these tired statements in an email or a chat with a reporter and you can bet your pitch isn’t going anywhere—except the trash bin.
PR pros can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to dishing out tired phrases and marketing doublespeak. Let’s go over a few you can easily avoid when talking to journalists in an attempt to get your story out to the public.

1. “Never seen anything like it.”

Few things make a journalist roll his or her eyes more than hearing how your product is “brand new and innovative.” What your company invented and sells might be incredibly cool and exciting. It could sell millions and make everyone rich. In the meantime, let’s keep the hyperbole down and not act like it’s going to change the planet. Keep it in perspective. Have confidence it’s a great product, but don’t put it on a pedestal, especially when pitching to journalists. They’ve heard it all before.

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